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Watermelon 201,321 F @ Ninja 2014-01-03 14:10:27

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1, on the spur of the moment who is the first problem. My personal feeling is mainly due Moumou said,nike free run 3 womens pink "Brothers, on" This sentence was spur of the moment as the first person, and, in this case, is the first one hit the Yang Moumou hands, so be nike free run 3 womens pinkgiven to the first spur of the moment person. But because the spur of the moment, because through watching the case, these people did not engage in gang-raped in advance to plan such a thing, and did not identify who is the principal who is an accomplice, just spur of the cheap nike freemoment as a conviction in the first reference.

2, on the sentencing. After some calculations, the ......


Watermelon Happy New Year! Very happy to see you.

Your reply is very professional.nike free run 3 On the spur of the moment, I agree with your point of view. About sentencing, I still feel unreasonable. Maybe I expect too much of judges, I think this case is large impact on consolidated case judges should not only be loyal to the law, they can not understand the legal machinery.
I do not think Moumou too heavy, too light, or the rest of the minor defendants, but that gap is too big.

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